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Protein Custom Services
History Since 2008, Xinqidi Bio-Tech has produced gold-standard proteins to meet the strictest development and purification standards. Expertise Xinqidi Bio-Tech' scientists have developed methods to express and purify some of the most challenging proteins with the highest bioactivities on the market. Delivery We will produce exactly what you need and provide a test sample. If it meets your requirements, we will scale up production to meet your research and development needs.We will  prepare it for detailed information and send it to the customer.

Please tell us the protein name (or gene name), species, use, if it is a special use, it is best to tell us the protein sequence you need, if it is a peptide, we directly prepare it by chemical synthesis.
Recombinant human protein、mouse protein、rat protein,Catalogue product delivery period 2-3 weeks, non-catalog product delivery period 5-6 weeks.
Recombinant  protein catalog
Recombinant human protein catalog.xlsx
Recombinant mouse protein catalog.xlsx
Recombinant rat protein catalog.xlsx
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