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McCoy's 5a Complete Culture, 550ml Cell lineSCSP-644490
MCF 10A Cell lineSCSP-575Human530
MCF7 Cell lineSCSP-531Human300
MCF7 [MCF-7] Cell lineTCHu 74Human300
MCF7 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-669490
MDA-MB-231 Cell lineTCHu227Human400
MDA-MB-415 Cell lineTCHu175Human470
MDA-MB-435S Cell lineTCHu 36Human400
MDA-MB-436 Cell lineTCHu184Human470
MDA-MB-453 Cell lineTCHu233Human250
MDA-MB-468 Cell lineTCHu136Human400
MDBK (NBL-1) Cell lineGNO 7Cattle230
MDCK (NBL-2) Cell lineGNO23dog400
ME-180 Cell lineTCHu177Human400
MEF complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-601490
MEM complete culture fluid, 550ml/bottle Cell lineSCSP-651490
mES complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-603956
MG-63 Cell lineTCHu124Human400
MIA PaCa-2 Cell lineSCSP-568Human530
MIA Paca-2 Complete Culture Solution Cell lineSCSP-647490
miPS complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-621956
Mitomycin-C 2mg/bottle Cell lineSCSP-632690
MM.1S Cell lineSCSP-5017Human530
MNNG/HOS Cl #5 [R-1059-D] Cell lineTCHu167Human400
MOLT-4 Cell lineTCHu224Human400
MR1 [derivative of HB-11048] Cell lineHYB53Chinese Hamster X Mouse400
MRC-5 Cell lineSCSP-5040Human400
MS1 Cell lineGNM20Mouse400
MS751 Cell lineSCSP-537Human370
MSTO-211H Cell lineTCHu161Human400
Mv.1.Lu (NBL-7) Cell lineGNO 8mink230
MV-4-11 Cell lineSCSP-5031Human530
Nanog-GFP Cell lineSCSP-212Mouse, 129X1 × 129S1 strain620
NCCIT Cell lineTCHu238Human500
NCI-H1299 Cell lineSCSP-589Human400
NCI-H1395 Cell lineSCSP-539Human400
NCI-H1437 [H1437] Cell lineSCSP-591Human530
NCI-H1650 Cell lineTCHu152Human400
NCI-H1650 [H-1650, H1650] Cell lineSCSP-592Human400
NCI-H1944 Cell lineSCSP-596Human530
NCI-H1975 Cell lineTCHu193Human470
NCI-H1975 [H-1975, H1975] Cell lineSCSP-597Human470
NCI-H2126 Cell lineSCSP-599Human530
NCI-H2228 Cell lineSCSP-5001Human530
NCI-H226 [H226] Cell lineTCHu235Human470
NCI-H23 Cell lineSCSP-581Human530
NCI-H2347 Cell lineSCSP-5002Human530
NCI-H2452 [H2452] Cell lineTCHu214Human470
NCI-H292 Cell lineTCHu122Human370
NCI-H292 [H292] Cell lineSCSP-582Human370
NCI-H358 Cell lineSCSP-583Human400
NCI-H460 [H460] Cell lineSCSP-584Human300
NCI-H661 Cell lineTCHu121Human400
NCI-H716 [H716] Cell lineTCHu210Human470
NCI-H838 [H838] Cell lineSCSP-588Human530
NCI-N87 Cell lineSCSP-534Human370
NCI-N87 [N87] Cell lineTCHu130Human370
NCTC clone 929 [L cell, L-929, derivative of Strain L] Cell lineSCSP-5039Mouse, C3H/An strain530
NCTC clone 929 complete medium Cell lineSCSP-672490
NE-4C Cell lineSCSP-1501Mouse, C57Bl/Sv129 strain670
NE-4C complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-629490
Neuro-2a Cell lineSCSP-5035Mouse370
Neuro-2a [N2a; Neuro-2a] Cell lineTCM29Mouse370
NIH/3T3 Cell lineSCSP-515Mouse, strain NIH/Swiss370
NIH/3T3, 3T3-Swiss albino complete medium Cell lineSCSP-646490
NR8383 Cell lineGNR 9Rats470
NRK Cell lineGNR 2Rats230
NRK-52E Cell lineGNR 8Rats400
Oct4-GFP (OG2-mES) Cell lineSCSP-214Mouse, strain C57BL/6J x C57BL/6J560
Oct4-Neo Cell lineSCSP-213Mouse, C57BL/6J×C57BL/6J strain560
OK Cell lineGNO20Opossum400
OKT 11 Cell lineHYB56Mouse B lymphocytes, mouse lymphoma cells400
OP9 Cell lineSCSP-227Mouse, strain (C57BL/6 x C3H) F2 -op/op530
OP9 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-642956
P19 Cell lineTCM27Mouse400
P3/NSI/1-Ag4-1 [NS-1] Cell lineTCM25Mouse230
P388D1 Cell lineTCM11Mouse230
P3X63Ag8 Cell lineTCM 9Mouse270
P3X63Ag8.653 Cell lineTCM10Mouse270
P815 Cell lineSCSP-516Mouse, DBA/2 strain200
PANC-1 Cell lineSCSP- 535Human370
PC 61 5.3 [PC 61; PC 61.5.3] Cell lineHYB52Rat X mouse400
PC-12 (low differentiation) Cell lineTCR 8Rats270
PC-12 (highly differentiated) Cell lineTCR 9Rats200
PC-12 (Undifferentiated) Cell lineTCR 3Rats300
PC-12 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-649490
PC-3 Cell lineSCSP-532Human370
PIEC Cell lineGNO15pig270
PK136 Cell lineHYB46Mouse X mouse400
PLC/PRF/5 Cell lineTCHu119Human400
Psi2 DAP Cell lineGNM23Mouse400
Pt K1 (NBL-3) Cell lineGNO19Proboscis kangaroo320
R 1610 Cell lineGNHa 5Chinese Hamster270
R1/E Cell lineSCSP-201Mouse, 129X1×129S1 strain670
RAG Cell lineTCM35Mouse400
Raji Cell lineTCHu 44Human230
RAW 264.7 Cell lineSCSP-5036Mouse400
RBE Cell lineTCHu179Human400
RBL-2H3 Cell lineSCSP-518Rats400
RBL-2H3 complete culture fluid, 600ml/bottle Cell lineSCSP-670623
RD Cell lineTCHu 45Human230
Reh Cell lineTCHu131Human400
RG2 [D74] Cell lineTCR14Rats470
RH-35 Cell lineTCR 4Rats270
RKO Cell lineTCHu116Human400
RKO-AS45-1 Cell lineTCHu117Human400
RKO-E6 Cell lineTCHu118Human400
RL95-2 Cell lineTCHu198Human470
RM-1 Cell lineTCM14Mouse270
ROCK1 inhibitor (Y27632) Cell lineSCSP-66370
RPMI 8226 Cell lineTCHu234Human470
RSC96 Cell lineGNR 6Rats400
RT4 Cell lineTCHu226Human470
RW.4 Cell lineSCSP-224Mouse, 129X1/SvJ strain670
RWPE-1 Cell lineSCSP-5025Human530
S-180 Cell lineTCM15Mouse270
Saos-2 Cell lineTCHu114Human400
SCaBER Cell lineTCHu239Human400
SH-224 Cell lineSCSP-5003Human, Chinese400
SH-289 Cell lineSCSP-5004Human, Chinese400
SH-416 Cell lineSCSP-5005Human, Chinese400
SH-437 Cell lineSCSP-5006Human, Chinese400
SH-498 Cell lineSCSP-5007Human, Chinese400
SH-543 Cell lineSCSP-5008Human, Chinese400
SH-SY5Y Cell lineSCSP-5014Human530
SH-SY5Y cell complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP- 666490
SHZ-88 Cell lineTCR 5Rats270
SiHa Cell lineTCHu113Human400
SK-BR-3 Cell lineTCHu225Human400
SK-HEP-1 Cell lineTCHu109Human400
SK-MES-1 Cell lineSCSP-5010Human400
SK-N-BE(2) Cell lineTCHu200Human470
SK-NEP-1 Cell lineTCHu164Human400
SK-N-SH Cell lineSCSP-5029Human300
SK-OV-3 Cell lineTCHu185Human400
SNU-1 Cell lineTCHu230Human470
SP2/0 Cell lineTCM18Mouse270
Sp2/0-Ag14 Cell lineTCM42Mouse470
Sprague Dawley (SD) rat bone marrow MSC cells Cell lineSCSP-402Rat, Sprague Dawley strain530
STO Cell lineSCSP-519Mouse, SIM strain530
Super Tube Cell lineGNO29dog470
SV40 MES 13 Cell lineGNM21Mouse400
SV-HUC-1 Cell lineTCHu169Human400
SW 1353 Cell lineTCHu128Human400
SW 1990 Cell lineTCHu201Human470
SW 780 [SW-780, SW780] Cell lineTCHu219Human470
SW 982 [SW-982, SW982] Cell lineTCHu209Human470
SW1116 Cell lineTCHu174Human470
SW-13 Cell lineTCHu221Human320
SW480 [SW-480] Cell lineSCSP-5033Human400
SW579 [SW 579; SW-579] Cell lineTCHu125Human400
SW620 Cell lineTCHu101Human400
SW948 Cell lineSCSP-572Human530
T24 Cell lineSCSP-536Human300
T-47D Cell lineTCHu 87Human270
T84 Cell lineTCHu211Human470
TCCSUP Cell lineSCSP-571Human530
TE-1 Cell lineTCHu 89Human270
THP-1 Cell lineSCSP-567Human300
THP-1 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-648490
TM3 Cell lineGNM24Mouse400
TT Cell lineTCHu 78Human400
U-118 MG Cell lineTCHu216Human470
U-2 OS Cell lineSCSP-5030Human270
U251 Cell lineTCHu 58Human230
U-87 MG Cell lineTCHu138Human400
U-937 Cell lineTCHu159Human400
UMNSAH/DF-1 Cell lineGNO30chicken400
UMR-106 Cell lineTCR11Rats470
UM-UC-3 Cell lineTCHu217Human470
V79 Cell lineGNHa 6Chinese Hamster270
VCaP Cell lineSCSP-5034Human470
Vero Cell lineSCSP-520African Green Monkey200
VERO C1008 (E6) Cell lineGNO17African Green Monkey300
WERI-Rb-1 Cell lineTCHu213Human470
WI-38 Cell lineGNHu42Human383
WISH Cell lineGNHu38Human400
Wistar rat bone marrow MSC cells Cell lineSCSP-401Rat, Wistar strain530
WPMY-1 Cell lineGNHu36Human470
Y1 Cell lineTCM20Mouse270
Y3-Ag 1.2.3 Cell lineTCR10Rats470
YAC-1 Cell lineTCM28Mouse230
ZR-75-1 Cell lineTCHu126Human400
Rat bone marrow MSC complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-615490
Stem cell special cryopreservation solution Cell lineSCSP-6681556
Kunming White MEF Cell lineSCSP-101Mouse, Kunming strain530
Human skin fibroblast HFF, HFF-1 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-656623
Human Breast Cell MCF 10A (SCSP-575) Complete Culture Solution Cell lineSCSP-660890
Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells FHs 74 Int Complete Culture Solution Cell lineSCSP-655490
Cell (non-stem cell) special cryopreservation solution Cell lineSCSP-667690
Mouse liver parenchymal AML12 complete culture set (550ml) Cell lineSCSP-654623
Trypsin (concentration 0.25%) Cell lineSCSP-64190

Cell Line List
15P-1 Cell lineSCSP-501Mouse530
22Rv1 Cell lineSCSP-5022Human300
293 [HEK-293] Cell lineGNHu43Human250
293 Cells, low passage Cell lineGNHu18Human400
293T Cell lineSCSP-502Human370
293T/17 Cell lineGNHu44Human470
2V6.11 Cell lineGNHu26Human400
3T3-L1 Cell lineSCSP-5038Mouse400
3T3-L1 Complete Culture Solution Cell lineSCSP-646L320
3T3-Swiss albino Cell lineSCSP-5012Mouse530
3T6-Swiss albino Cell lineGNM 1Mouse230
4T1 Cell lineTCM32Mouse400
6T-CEM Cell lineTCHu 2Human270
769-P Cell lineTCHu215Human470
786-O [786-0] Cell lineTCHu186Human400
8305C Cell lineSCSP-540Human530
95-D Cell lineTCHu 61Human270
9L/lacZ Cell lineTCR13Rats500
A172 Cell lineTCHu171Human400
A3 Cell lineTCHu 96Human400
A-375 Cell lineTCHu155Human300
A-375 [A375] Cell lineSCSP- 533Human300
A-431 Cell lineTCHu188Human400
A549 Cell lineSCSP-503Human300
A-673 Cell lineTCHu223Human320
A7r5 Cell lineGNR 7Rats400
A9 Cell lineGNM12Mouse400
AAV-293 Cell lineGNHu13Human400
AB2.2 Cell lineSCSP-217Mouse, 129S5/SvEvBrd (formerly 129/SvEvBrd) strain670
ACHN Cell lineTCHu199Human470
AE-1 Cell lineHYB54Mouse B cell x mouse lymphoma400
AE-2 Cell lineHYB55Mouse B cell x mouse lymphoma400
AGS Cell lineTCHu232Human250
AML12 Cell lineSCSP-550Mouse, CD1 strain530
ARPE-19 Cell lineGNHu45Human470
AtT-20 Cell lineTCM 1Mouse270
B16 Cell lineTCM 2Mouse200
B16-F10 Cell lineTCM36Mouse470
B6/BLU Cell lineSCSP-226Mouse, strain: C57BL/6Tac670
B95-8 Cell lineGNO 3Velvet Monkey230
BALB/3T3 clone A31 Cell lineGNM 3Mouse400
B-CPAP Cell lineSCSP-543Human530
Beta-TC-6 Cell lineTCM34Mouse470
BG01V Cell lineSCSP-305Human670
BHK-21 [C-13] Cell lineGNHa10Hamster400
BHT101 Cell lineSCSP-544Human530
BHT101 complete culture fluid Cell lineSCSP-658756
BNL CL.2 Cell lineGNM22Mouse400
BRL Cell lineGNR 1Rats270
BRL 3A Cell lineGNR10Rats400
BT-474 [BT474] Cell lineTCHu143Human400
BT-549 Cell lineTCHu 93Human270
BxPC-3 Cell lineTCHu 12Human230
C127 Cell lineTCM26Mouse270
C2C12 Cell lineSCSP-505Mouse strain C3H430
C-33 A Cell lineTCHu176Human400
C3H/10T1/2, Clone 8 Cell lineSCSP-506Mouse, strain C3H370
C57BL/6 Cell lineSCSP-218Mouse, C57BL/6 strain670
C6 Cell lineTCR 1Rats400
Ca Ski Cell lineTCHu137Human400
Caco-2 Cell lineSCSP-5027Human430
Caco-2 Complete Culture Solution Cell lineSCSP-671756
Caki-1 Cell lineTCHu135Human400
CAL-62 Cell lineSCSP-546Human530
Calu-1 Cell lineTCHu192Human470
Calu-3 Cell lineTCHu157Human400
Calu-6 Cell lineTCHu144Human400
CCD-1095Sk Cell lineGNHu15Human400
CCRF-CEM [CCRF CEM] Cell lineTCHu147Human400
CE3 Cell lineSCSP-203Mouse, 129S2/SvPas strain with GFP670
CEM/C1 Cell lineTCHu212Human470
CF-1 MEF Cell lineSCSP-105RMouse, CF-1 strain200
CFPAC-1 Cell lineTCHu112Human400
CHL Cell lineGNHa 2Chinese Hamster270
CHO-K1 Cell lineSCSP-507Chinese Hamster300
COLO 205 Cell lineTCHu102Human320
COLO 320DM Cell lineTCHu208Human470
COS-1 Cell lineGNO28African Green Monkey400
COS-7 Cell lineSCSP-508African Green Monkey200
CRFK Cell lineGNO16Cat270
CT26.WT Cell lineTCM37Mouse470
CTLA4 Ig-24 Cell lineGNHa 9Chinese Hamster400
CV-1 [Part of the Wistar Special Collection] Cell lineGNO11African Green Monkey230
CW-2 Cell lineTCHu 15Human270
D3 Cell lineSCSP-202Mouse, 129/Sv+c/+p strain670
Daoy Cell lineSCSP-509Human530
Daudi Cell lineTCHu140Human400
Detroit 562 Cell lineTCHu231Human470
DH82 Cell lineTCO 3dog470
DLD-1 Cell lineTCHu134Human400
DMEM complete culture fluid, 550ml/bottle Cell lineSCSP-650490
DR4 MEF Cell lineSCSP-108Mouse, DR4 transgenic mouse530
DU 145 Cell lineSCSP-5024Human270
DYP0530 Cell lineSCSP-1302Human670
DYP0730 Cell lineSCSP-1303Human670
DYR0100 Cell lineSCSP-1301Human670
EA.hy926 Cell lineGNHu39Human470
EBTr (NBL-4) Cell lineGNO 5Cattle270
EB complete culture fluid, 600ml/bottle Cell lineSCSP-664756
EDJ#22 Cell lineSCSP-220Mouse, 129S5/SvEvTac strain670
EL4 Cell lineTCM41Mouse470
ES-2 Cell lineTCHu111Human400
ES-E14TG2a Cell lineSCSP-204Mouse, 129/Ola strain670
ESF 158 Cell lineSCSP-221Mouse, FVB/NJ (FVB) and C57BL/6-Tyrc-2J (c2J) chimeric Mouse670
F-12K complete culture fluid, 550ml/bottle Cell lineSCSP-652490
F81 Cell lineGNO13Cat270
F9 Cell lineTCM 4Mouse270
FaDu Cell lineTCHu132Human400
FHs 74 Int Cell lineSCSP- 574Humanity530
FO Cell lineTCM31Mouse400
FRhK-4 Cell lineGNO18Rhesus Monkey300
G418-R MEF Cell lineSCSP-104Mouse, neo transgenic mouse, C57 strain530
GBC-SD Cell lineTCHu 16Human230
G-Olig2 Cell lineSCSP-222Mouse, 129X1/SvJ strain670
H9c2(2-1) Cell lineGNR 5Rats400
HBL-100 Cell lineGNHu10Human230
HC11 Mammary Epithelium Cell lineSCSP-5037Mouse530
HCC 94 [HCC941122] Cell lineTCHu 81Human270
HCC1937 Cell lineTCHu148Human400
HCC827 Cell lineSCSP-538Human400
HCCC-9810 Cell lineTCHu 17Human230
Hce-8693 Cell lineTCHu 70Human270
HCT 116 Cell lineTCHu 99Human383
HCT-15 Cell lineTCHu133Human400
HCT-8 [HRT-18] Cell lineTCHu 18Human230
HEC-1-A Cell lineTCHu149Human400
HEC-1-B Cell lineTCHu115Human400
HEL Cell lineTCHu 71Human270
HeLaCell lineTCHu187Human400
HeLa 229Cell lineTCHu 20Human230
Hep 3B2.1-7Cell lineTCHu106Human383
Hep G2Cell lineSCSP-510Human300
Hepa 1-6Cell lineTCM39Mouse250
Hepa 1-6 [Hepa1-6]Cell lineSCSP-512Mouse270
Matrigel Matrigel for hES/hiPS cultureCell lineSCSP-636156
hES/hiPS Serum-free Culture SetCell lineSCSP-6622223
hES complete culture fluidCell lineSCSP-613756
HFFCell lineSCSP-106Human530
HFL1Cell lineGNHu28Human400
hFOB 1.19Cell lineGNHu14Human400
HGC-27Cell lineTCHu 22Human230
hiPS Dissociation reagent (US imports) 40ml/tubeCell lineSCSP-627123
HK-2Cell lineSCSP-511Human530
HL-60Cell lineTCHu 23Human400
hMSC Serum-Free Culture SetCell lineSCSP-6611623
HMy2.CIRCell lineGNHu21Human400
HPAF-IICell lineSCSP-5011Human530
Hs 578TCell lineTCHu127Human400
HT-1080Cell lineTCHu170Human400
HT-29Cell lineSCSP-5032Human370
HuH-6Cell lineTCHu181Human400
HuH-7Cell lineSCSP-526Human370
HuT 78Cell lineTCHu206Human250
ICR MEFCell lineSCSP-107RMouse, ICR strain200
IMR-32Cell lineTCHu145Human400
IMR-90Cell lineSCSP-5013Human530
J1Cell lineSCSP-219Mouse, 129S4/SvJae strain670
J82Cell lineTCHu218Human470
JARCell lineTCHu156Human400
JEG-3Cell lineTCHu195Human400
JeKo-1Cell lineTCHu194Human470
Jurkat, Clone E6-1Cell lineSCSP-513Human370
K-562Cell lineTCHu191Human400
K7M2 wt [K7M2-WT]Cell lineTCM38Mouse470
Kasumi-1Cell lineSCSP-5015Human530
Kasumi-1 Complete Culture SolutionCell lineSCSP-665756
KATO IIICell lineSCSP-573Human300
KATO III Complete Culture SolutionCell lineSCSP-657756
KBCell lineTCHu 73Human230
KHM-5MCell lineSCSP-549Human530
KMH-2Cell lineSCSP-551Human530
KMH-2 cell complete culture fluidCell lineSCSP-643490
K-sfm broth setCell lineSCSP-659823
KU812Cell lineTCHu189Human470
KYSE-150Cell lineTCHu236Human470
L Wnt-3ACell lineSCSP-522Mouse370
L1210Cell lineTCM22Mouse383
L5178Y TK+/- clone (3.7.2C)Cell lineTCM33Mouse400
L6 Cell lineGNR 4Rats400
L6565 Cell lineTCM 6Mouse270
Lec1 Cell lineGNHa 8Chinese Hamster400
Li-7 Cell lineTCHu183Human400
LLC Cell lineTCM 7Mouse230
LLC-MK2 Cell lineGNO 6Rhesus Monkey270
LNCaP Clone FGC Cell lineSCSP-5021Human400
LoVo Cell lineSCSP-514Human300
LS 174T Cell lineTCHu 32Human270
LS513 Cell lineTCHu237Human470
MC3T3-E1 Subclone 14 Cell lineGNM15Mouse400

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