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R&D 15th year

IVD raw material customization service

Newqidibio's recombinant protein pilot platform and immunology platform can provide IVD companies with high-quality immunodiagnostic  kits on demand,  which can be used for infectious diseases,  tumor markers, myocardial markers, endocrine & hormones, autoimmune diseases, drugs & Drug Abuse, Neurobiology, Metabolic Syndrome, Leukemia, Blood Coagulation and Anemia, Enzymes, Histocompatibility Antigen Typing, Commonly Used Biochemical Materials, etc. Clinical Testing and POCT Testing.

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Genetic engineering platform

Using genetic engineering techniques, genetic engineering bacteria were constructed by analyzing antigenicity, protein-hydrophobic domains and epitope predictions, selecting high-efficiency targets.

Recombinant protein engineering platform

The use of sophisticated prokaryotic (E. coli, Lactobacillus) and eukaryotic (yeast cells, insect cells, and mammalian cells) systems enables rapid acquisition of high-purity recombinant proteins.

Immunology customization and detection platform

Efficient single/multiple antibody custom platform, chicken, mouse, rabbit, sheep multi-host platform, convenient access to high purity and high affinity antibodies.

Cell engineering platform

Through a stable cell line screening and a 15-50 L fermentation system pilot test, a sustainable and highly efficient pilot production process was obtained.

If you have products in this area, please contact Xinqidi bio-Tech market department.

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