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The Xinqidi Bio-Tech's ELISA kit uses a classic sandwich and competition method to detect the substance of interest. Each antibody is subjected to rigorous screening, viability and potency testing, and only approved antibodies are used. Standards are calibrated by an authority's calibrator. The pre-coated ELISA plate and various auxiliary reagents were all subjected to the destruction test (37 ° C, 2-7 days), and the vitality was not reduced before they could be put into use.
Xinqidi Kit Contents
Kit contents may vary slightly. Please refer   to product-specific inserts for a complete     list of contents for each individual assay.

Pre-coated 96-well Microplate
Conjugated Detection Antibody
Calibrated Immunoassay Standard
Assay Diluent
Standard Diluent
Wash Buffer
Color Reagent A , B and C.
Stop Solution
for example“Human Interleukin 6(IL-6) ELISA Kit”,Enter keywords"IL-6".
Xinqidi Bio-Tech' ELISA Kits are complete and ready-to-use. Immunoassays are available for measuring a range of molecules including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, proteases, biological small molecule and more.

Complete ready to use kits
Exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility
Colorimetric detection
Detailed protocol booklets include inter- and intra-assay precision, recovery, linearity, sensitivity, and sample value data

Xinqidi Bio-Tech's team
Exquisite production
technology to ensure
product quality,Biological
research products, handmade.
CV value, sensitivity, uniformity,
stability and other parameters
are superior to other
companies in the same industry.
Xinqidi Bio-Tech's ELISA KIT
The ELISA plate, before and after
the color change, was added to
the Colour Reagent C, and was read
with a microplate reader at 450 nm,
and the reference wavelength was
set to 630 nm.
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