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R&D 15th year
Quality is our number one priority. We manufacture more than 97% of our proteins at our facility. OEM protein accounts for about 3%.This means we have complete control over all quality testing and nothing becomes a product that does not meet our industry-leading specifications. A highly trained technical service staff and the scientists responsible for protein development are on site to answer any questions you might have. Xinqidi Bio-Tech' experience and dedication to protein development and manufacturing is unmatched in the life science industry.

Xinqidi Bio-Tech has eukaryotic proteins, prokaryotic proteins, natural proteins, small analytes, etc.

The recombinant proteins you see available on the Xinqidi Bio-tech  website make up only a fraction of what is actually available in our inventory. There are tens of thousands of additional proteins originally manufactured for other purposes such as making antibodies, for internal use, or they were not released because bioactivity has not been tested. Non-catalog proteins may also include different tags or come from different sources than a similar protein you may see on the website. We recognize that researchers have unique needs. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us and find out if we have your protein of interest.The catalog does not list the proteins, Xinqidi Bio-Tech supports customization. We have the ability to scale up protein production to meet your needs. Economical pricing means you don’t have to sacrifice quality to meet your budget.   We also purify some natural substances, including biomacromolecules and small organic molecules, and also commission other companies to synthesize some peptides.
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Xinqidi Bio-Tech R&D Center, from gene synthesis to protein purification,highly educated and highly qualified R&D team, meticulously complete each step. And
carry out detailed records and find problems to solve the problem.
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