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Enlibio Biological Technology, Wuhan, China, founded in 2008. Relying on the strength of scientific research and technology of the Wuhan Institute of Viral Diseases of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Army General Hospital, we insist on independent product design and R&D.Mainly engaged in various non-clinical proteins, antibodies, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits and related products, custom research and development, production, sales and technical services, training and consulting. The company's products are involved in many fields of life science research. The products we research and develop are dedicated to scientists in the field of life science research to provide the high-quality products needed by research institutes, thereby accelerating the development of life sciences and promoting the development of biotechnology to benefit all Humanity.

Enlibio's products cover a wide range, rich in variety, stable and reliable quality, its production of a variety of non-clinical antigens, antibodies, enzyme-linked immunoassay kits, with its excellent quality has won the majority of scientific research institutes and non-clinical diagnostic institutions of all ages. Insisting on its unremitting efforts, Enlibio Biotechnology has developed a large number of high-quality reagents. Providing scientific research workers with the best quality reagents is always the desire of Enlibio Biotechnology, and it is also the guideline for doing things! The company's aim is "people-oriented, quality first, customer first."

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